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As a competitor myself, I am frequently offered professional photos from race meetings at £5 or even £10 per shot. OK if I only want one a year, but I like to post photos on my website more frequently than that.

This website gives club racers, or anyone else, the chance to buy some low-cost photos, more than adequate for publishing on a website, or for giving friends, family and sponsors a taste of the action. And I hope some may be considered suitable for printing and framing on the study wall too!

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All requests or enquiries by email to “sales@racesnaps.co.uk”

Added 16th February 2008..
Towncross Engineering South Downs Rally Stages from Goodwood circuit, on 2nd Feb, organised by Southsea Motor Club and Bognor Regis Motor Club.

Added 3rd April 2008..

HSCC at Donington Park  -  30th March 2008

Photos of historic single seaters, saloons and sports cars.

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Added 1st March 2008..
Top Hat Test Day from Goodwood - 1st March 08
Added 9th March 2008..
Top Hat Test Day from Goodwood - 8th March 08

How to Buy Photos from this site.

The full-size, full-quality originals of all photos on this site are available for purchase, priced at £2 per photo.

To order, click the 'Buy Now' button on any page, enter the number of photos you would like in the 'Quantity' column, and enter the meeting name / venue / date, plus each individual image filename or number (found in the lower right hand corner of the picture).

Photos will be sent by email to the address used to make payment, or to another, single, address specified at the time of ordering. Total email attachment size will be limited to 10Mb, and therefore larger orders may be sent in several emails. If you require a lower attachment limit, please specify (but remember that it can not be less than the size of a single photo - usually 1.5 - 2Mb)! Photos can be sent at reduced size on request. Each photo is supplied as a JPEG file - we do not supply prints.

Please note that photos are sent manually, and therefore may not be sent until upto 48hours after an order is placed. If no email is received after this time, then please request a re-send.

Purchase of the photo will give personal useage rights including printing, incorporating into your own web-site or other publications, but will not allow the purchaser to re-sell the photo.

A link to www.RaceSnaps.co.uk should be provided where photos are published.

Aston Martin at Goodwood on Top Hat Test Day

Added 20th April 2008

750mc at Brands Hatch